Killer Skunk (Underground Originals)

killer skunkUnderground Originals Killerskunk is a Sativa/Indica Hybrid that is crossed with Blues x Smellyberry» . Killer Skunk may well prove to be a possible medicinal keeper for someone with pain/spasm problems, or spasticity. The strong yet comfortable cerebral impact may help anyone with depressive illness. The mood is lifted considerably, yet without any accompanying paranoia or racy “edge”. Killer skunk is a joyful and uplifting mood enhancer that also gives good audio visual enhancements. “Killer Skunk” is sociable too, good for parties or more intimate occasions. Yet, for those who prefer it, the hit can be spiritual and illuminating and inviting.
Killerskunk’s smell is dense, strong and sweet. Hashy, with some pine and lemon hints but essentially the smell is of highest grade Cannabis. Very aromatic, Carbon filters essential! It’s taste is sublime, moreish. Sweet, hashy and delicious! These cannabis seeds take 7-9 weeks to flower.

Yield Indoors: Depending on grow skills and environment, a big yield is hard to avoid. A gram per watt of light is not so hard with Killer Skunk.
Yield outdoors: Dependent on climate and seasonal variations; but expect higher than average yields.

Type: Indica / Sativa
Genetics: Blues x SmellyBerry
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Sept / Oct
Height: Medium
THC: Very High
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